How to launch the console

The doc says by default TMSLogger logs to the console. What console ? I tried the demos (TMSTCPclient is missing the .ico file) but nothing happens. There's no console app in the TMSLogging program folder, so where is the basic console app ?

In this case, the console would be messages generated using OutputDebugString. You can check the messages in the Delphi IDE, in the Output window (menu View | Messages)

That doesn't work, nothing shows in the D12 Messages window. I'll have to try one of the output handlers to see if TMSLogger works.

Have you first checked the General demo to see how it behaves compared to your application?

Yes, I've run the General Demo and it doesn't work either, in the sense that it sends no output to the D12 IDE Messages window. I see that it should, but it doesn't. The output to the memo field works, but that's done by the custom event handler. The documentation says that TMSLogger by default should go to the default console and it doesn't. I haven't tried it with other Delphi versions to see if this is an issue specific to D12.

It works fine here, Delphi 12:

What window is that ? That's not the Messages window.

Ok, I got it to work. So it only works if you run the code under the IDE debugger, it doesn't work as a standalone program. So if your code is running as a standalone program I assume that means you must register an output handler to send the messages to whatever your using, like the browser, or else you have to do something like the OnOutput handler. There is no default logging target without the IDE.

Yes, that is correct.