How to integerate web core with bootstrap admin template ?

How to integerate web core with bootstrap admin template ? demos ? tutorials ?

There is a webinar that discusses various design approaches, including using bootstrap based templates:
There is also a demo under Demo\Basics\Template UI

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Thanks, is there a similar one for VS Code ?

The same techniques apply for VS Code and the Template UI demo can be used from VS Code as well.

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All the controls in VS Code can be responsive for different devices ?

I cannot technically answer "yes" to this question.
Controls like a button, edit, combobox, ... are never responsive by themselves.
These need to be used in connection with a document with a responsive layout.

Buttons for example in desktop layout they appear beside each other while in mobile devices appear under each other without scrollbars. So is there a control to make it like this or I will need to write CSS media queries ?

Template based you'll use css media queries.
If you do not wish to work template based, you can use the TWebResponsivePanel or (in combination with) TWebResponsiveGrid for this.

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thanks alot.

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