How to Install in OS X?

I just purchased a site license, was given the code, downloaded, and a file named landed in my downloads folder.

So what do I do now? I cannot find any instructions or documentation on your site or in the welcome emails. It doesn't auto-extract.  If I double click it, a file named is created.  I must admit, I'm more of  a Windows developer, so maybe there's something that's obvious to everyone but me. I haven't had any trouble installing other products such as Xamarin.Mac.


What are you using to unzip the file?  OSX can be a little "strange" in the way it handles zip files, but I just tried to unzip the file with the unarchiver:

And it correctly shows the 2 files included in the zip: The xamarin package and the instructions to install it. The first thing you need is to be able to unzip the file and get those 2 files. Can you try with the unarchiver? Or maybe to unzip it in windows?  If you can't still unzip it, the download might be corrupt.

Another solution if you prefer (and for every other registered user who wants to use FlexCel in Xamarin) is to email me to I'll send you a 100% discount code so you can buy FlexCel in the store from here for free:

Once you have this account in the xamarin store, you can right click in a project in Xamarin Studio, the "packages" folder, and get it automatically from the store. Sadly we can't do the same when you buy from our site since this only works for purchases in the store. But with the 100% disocunt, you can get the account in the xam store for free. 

Of course this depends in what you prefer. I personally prefer to unzip the file, then unzip again the xam package and get FlexCel.dll which is the only thing you need, and add a reference to it. But if you prefer a more integrated package, you can either install it manually from or automatically from the Xamarin Store.

I've sent you the discount in the answer by email in case you want it. I've also investigated more in the cpgz thing, and I found this:

I wonder if the solutions there work for you


Hi Adrian, Thanks for your prompt and in-depth response(s). I went with your latter option because it's the one you said you preferred and I tried to be an agreeable sort :).  I was able to unzip the zip file, and then force-fit the XAM file into un-archiver too. I can now see the DLLs that i need to reference. My first effort is with the un-unified DLL version because I need access to some System DLLs that Xamarin Unified didn't include. I have been an SSG customer for years, so I'm looking forward to using this new product.

My issue is resolved. Thanks again.