How to install FNC in Lazarus on MacOS?

I have successfully installed FNC Component Studio on real Delphi versions on Windows, and on Lazarus Release Candidate 2 on Windows. I want to install these packages into Lazarus on Mac OS, but the instructions are vague on where to place the source files for these components.

On my MacBook Pro, I have several Windows Virtual Machines, into one of which I have installed FNC, The best I can guess about how to install these into the Lazarus running on the main Mac OS, would be to copy the directories that were created in My Documents\tmssoftware\ on a Windows VM, into some directory under control of the main MacOS on the MacBook, and then install the *.lpk files into the MacOS Lazarus IDE.  Is that what I need to do?

Is there some particular place on the MacOS drive where I should put these FNC directories?

Thanks in advance for your help!


You can extract the files to whatever folder you want, then open and install the LPK packages that are delivered after installing via the setup. (the packages are located in the installation folder)