How to highlight current row in a TDBAdvGrid?

If a user clicks a TDBAdvGrid, what's the best way to highlight the selected row? (and unhighlight the old selected row)?

Should I handle it in OnDrawCell or OnClick? 

Any sample code?

Thanks in advance

When you set goRowSelect = true in grid.Options, the clicked row should automatically become the selected row and the old selected row should deselect.

I wanted to ask the same question - but I think he may be asking something slightly different:

How do we programmatically highlight a row as if the user has selected it?  This means the mouse is not used.  I want to just highlight the row. because something was selected outside the grid that is associated with that row..

It would seem logical to me that AdvStringGrid.SelectCells(1,1,1,1) would work like this, but it does not seem to select the cell.

Tried SelectRows(1,1) with no success.  Must be missing something simple.

I found the answer. It is very simple:

1) AutoHideSelection must be set to FALSE.
2) Programatically select a row like this: grid.row := 1;

Thanks for letting us know a solution was found.