How to get text of selected TAdvTreeViewVirtualNod

On Creation of the form, using TAdvTreeview,  i am dynamically displaying the number of nodes (using OnGetNumberofNodes event) and corresponding text (using OnGetNodeText event). After displaying, i could get selected TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode index using OnNodeClick event (Anode.Index) . But is it possible to get selected TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode text using OnNodeClick event? (like ANode.Text ??) or any other events through which i could get Selected TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode text?   Thanks

The node is retrieved with OnGetNodeText, which presumably comes from a database or your own data structure. Then with ANode you have sufficient details to retrieve the node text in a similar way. The ANode has an Index and a Row parameter, which can be used to search in the database or your own data structure to retrieve the text.

Pieter Scheldeman2017-05-11 09:20:49

Thanks for reply! But Index and Row parameter dynamically based on the user type from database. It would be much easier if i could get text directly from selected node like in TTreeview.



We have added a new function GetNodeText and GetVirtualNodeText that will be available in the next release.

Thanks for the update. Could you please also let me know, when i could expect TMS Advanced TreeView next version with the mentioned changes.

This is included in the latest release of TMS Component Pack v8.6