How to force the creation of a Blob field of type text

Following the example in, Crash Course TMS Aurelius – Blobs
I am trying to create a new field of blob subtype TEXT using a field attribute of
[Column('Descr_Field', [], 65536)]
but the filed is created as of Blob subtype Binary.

I am doing something wrong?

TMS Aurelius v5.1, Firebird 2.5

How have you declared the field/property? TBlob or string?

Thank you Wagner!
Your question helped me to understand why it was created as sub-type binary.
One must declare it as string with length > 65535 (i.e. 65536) in order to create the column as Blob sub-type Text.
My fault was to declare it as TBlob.
I did not carefully read the article Crash Course TMS Aurelius – Blobs ( where all is accurately described.

Sorry for the noise and thank you again

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