How to draw table borders (TTMSFNCWXDocxTable).

I am using TTMSFNCWXDocx to create a Word document.
I am using the code below to include a table in the document, but the table borders are not drawn.

procedure TForm_HandsOnTMSFNCWXDocxTableWithBorder.btnCreateWordDocWithTableClick(Sender: TObject);
  docX : TTMSFNCWXDocx;
  aDoc : TTMSFNCWXDocXDocument;
  aSection : TTMSFNCWXDocxSection;
  aTable: TTMSFNCWXDocxTable;
  aRow : TTMSFNCWXDocxTableRow;
  aCell : TTMSFNCWXDocxTableCell;
  aPara : TTMSFNCWXDocxParagraph;
  aText : TTMSFNCWXDocxText;
  i : integer;
  docX := self.TMSFNCWXDocx1;
  aDoc := docX.Document;
  aSection := aDoc.AddSection;
  aTable := aSection.AddTable;
  for i := 1 to 3 do begin     // add 1cel x 3 rows, ;
    aRow := aTable.addRow;
    aCell := aRow.AddCell;
    aPara := aCell.AddParagraph;
    aText := aPara.AddText;
    aText.text := 'Hello World. (row#='+i.ToString+')';

The screenshot of the created Word document is below.

The resulting Word file is also attached. (5.7 KB)

Please tell me how to draw table borders.
(If there is a manual, please let me know.)
Best Regards,

you need to style the paragraph, but there is a bug in the underlying library which causes borders not always to render correctly. the following code snippet works for top and bottom borders.

Cell := Row.AddCell;
  Paragraph := Cell.AddParagraph;
  Paragraph.Shading.ShadingType := TTMSFNCWXDocxShadingType.stSolid;
  paragraph.Border.Borders := [boLeft, boTop, boBottom, boRight];
  Paragraph.Shading.Color := 'red';

Paragraph.Border.Borders := [boLeft, boRight]; // don't work