How to draw a border around the cell.

Please tell me the code draw a border around the cell.
Maybe it is that simple.But I can not find it .
Incidentally, Im using the TMS FlexCel for VCL.

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This is the code APIMate returns for drawing a border around a cell.

  //Set the cell values
  fmt := xls.GetCellVisibleFormatDef(2, 2);
  fmt.Borders.Left.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Thin;
  fmt.Borders.Left.Color := TExcelColor.Automatic;
  fmt.Borders.Right.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Thin;
  fmt.Borders.Right.Color := TExcelColor.Automatic;
  fmt.Borders.Top.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Thin;
  fmt.Borders.Top.Color := TExcelColor.Automatic;
  fmt.Borders.Bottom.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Thin;
  fmt.Borders.Bottom.Color := TExcelColor.Automatic;
  xls.SetCellFormat(2, 2, xls.AddFormat(fmt));

Note that if you want to set the borders around a range of cells, you can do it with this version of SetCellFormat:

    /// <summary>
    /// Changes part of the Cell format on a range of cells. WARNING! This method is slower than the other SetCellFormat versions, use it only
    /// if you do not care about maximum performance or if you just can't use the other SetCellFormat versions.
    /// This particular version of SetCellFormat has to read the format on each cell, modify it and write it back.
    /// While still very fast, it is not as fast as just setting the format on a cell.
    /// </summary>
    /// <remarks>
    /// You can use this method for example to add a border on the top of a row of cells, keeping the existing font and pattern styles on the range.
    /// </remarks>
    /// <param name="row1">Row index of the top cell on the range (1 based)</param>
    /// <param name="col1">Column index of the left cell on the range (1 based)</param>
    /// <param name="row2">Row index of the bottom cell on the range (1 based)</param>
    /// <param name="col2">Column index of the right cell on the range (1 based)</param>
    /// <param name="newFormat">Format to apply to the cells.</param>
    /// <param name="applyNewFormat">Indicates which properties of newFormat will be applied to the cells.</param> 
    /// <param name="exteriorBorders">When true, the format for the border will be applied only to the outer cells in the range. This can
    /// be useful for example to draw a box around a range of cells, but not drawing borders inside the range. 
    /// Other parameters, like the cell background, will still be applied to the full range.</param>
    procedure SetCellFormat(const row1: Int32; const col1: Int32; const row2: Int32; const col2: Int32; const newFormat: TFlxFormat; const applyNewFormat: TFlxApplyFormat; const exteriorBorders: Boolean); overload; virtual; abstract;

You can look at an example of how to use this function at:
FlexCelVCLNT\Demo\Delphi\Modules\10.API\12.Advanced API

Where we use this code to draw a rectangle over a range of cells:

   //Add a rectangle around the cells
  ApplyFormat := TFlxApplyFormat.Create;
  ApplyFormat.Borders.SetAllMembers(true);  //We will only apply the borders to the existing cell formats

  fmt := Xls.GetDefaultFormat;
  fmt.Borders.Left.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Double;
  fmt.Borders.Right.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Double;
  fmt.Borders.Top.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Double;
  fmt.Borders.Bottom.Style := TFlxBorderStyle.Double;
  Xls.SetCellFormat(DataCell.Top - 1, DataCell.Left, DataCell.Top, DataCell.Left + 1, fmt, ApplyFormat, true);  //Set last parameter to true so it draws a box.

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Thank you for your extensive answer.  I get the borders.

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