How to Drag Data From Excel...

Hi Adrian,

I'd like to follow up on a previous thread about copying and pasting native data from Excel:

In this thread you mentioned using a similar technique to implement Drag and Drop from Excel. You suggested using the drag and drop suite from Unfortunately that site hasn't been updated in three years. So I went with Raize's DropMaster and managed to get it working.

Here's a simple example project:

I hope someone finds it useful!



Thanks for the project, I am sure people will find it useful. Sadly you are right, Drag and Drop suite has not been updated since D2010, and an alternative is needed. To be sincere, I think Windows drag&drop functionality should really come standard with the VCL, it is such a basic feature. But as it isn't, DropMaster looks like a good alternative.

One one side it makes you appreciate the depth of the VCL ecosystem which lets you fix the things missing in the VCL, but on the other side, makes you wonder when they are going to get serious into improving the VCL again. Native drag & drop would be a nice starting point.