How to deal with a base class


I asked that before, but I will try different now.

I have ID on each of my Entities

  [Id('ID', TIdGenerator.Guid)]
  TEntityItem = class(TNaharEntity)

[Column('ID', [TColumnProp.Unique, TColumnProp.Required, TColumnProp.NoUpdate])]
Property ID read getid write setid

ID is my key declared for Aurelius.

Is it a problem is I have the variable member FID on the base class (that does not have the entity tag) and use the getid and setid from the base class?

is aurelius looking for "FID" member or for the ID property ? 

I need to take some extremelly commond fields and move to my base class, but I need them to keep as table fields using the tag on the property.

Aurelius maps either fields or properties. It looks for the class member where the attribute is placed. So if you put your [Column] attribute in the property Id, that's what it will look for to read/write the value, it doesn't care about an FID field that isn't mapped.