How to customize installation directory in Smart Setup

How can I customize the default installation directory.

I currently install all components to C:\Data Files\TMS

How can I put this into the setup config file.

It was you who chose this directory.
Just uninstall and remove everything, and then start again from another directory of your choice, like you did in the first place.

I’m not sure I understand you’re answer.

This is the first time I use the smart setup,
the folder I mentioned is what I specify using
the individual installers when I use Download Manger.

Do you mean I need to put Smart Setup in the listed
folder C:\Data Files\TMS, run it from there, and it will
install into that folder?

And I need to remove all components I've already installed
via the Download Manager?

To use TMS Smart Setup you first need to uninstall all products (*) that you have previously installed using the old installers. Then you can proceed with TMS Smart Setup from the folder you installed it.

(*) All products that you are going to instal with TMS Smart Setup, of course. Not all TMS products are supported by Smart Setup yet.

How do I configure Smart Setup so the components install in a specific directory? So, for example, the VCL UI Pack would end up installed in c:\radtools\tmssoftware\tms.vcl.uipack and so forth for the rest of the components. I would rather not have them install under the Products subdirectory.

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It's mentioned in my post right above yours, you choose the root directory where TMS Smart Setup will be installed.

Once the root folder is defined, the products are downloaded and installed by TMS Smart Setup and put in specific folder under the root folder.

And just to clarify, currently the "Products" subdirectory is part of our internal architecture and you can't change it. You can change the root where those products will be installed (c:\radtools\tmssoftware), but after that the structure is given by smartsetup.

I blogged about the smartsetup internal structure here: TMS Software | Blog
Some folders might have changed since that blog post to now, but the idea is the one in that blog. Also note that you can have products installed in a different folder than "Products", but not automatically. SmartSetup is open to be used in your own projects too, so the "Products" folder is the one holding the tms components.