How to clear a TWebDbGrid when blank json [] response returned from web server.

Hi Team,

I am facing one issue related to TWebDBGrid.
I am fetching some data from a webserver which returns blank json response i.e . And when the blank json response is got then it is not clearing the web dbgrid.
I am using TWebClientConenction to call an get API endpoint. I am using a TWebCLientDataset to store the returned JSON data and the client dataset is linked to webcliwntconnection. When I activate the webclientconnection then it returns json. So it is not activating the webclientdataset. Sp, the linked webdbgrid still shows the blank 4 rows so how to clear or blank the webdbgrid if blank json data returned.

Following are linked components.


Following is the grid linked to dsFlutes


But when I activate the wccFlute it returns then the cds does not activate and the grid shows blank rows.

flutes endpoint returns blank json


So, how to clear the grid if blank json returns.

Is the server in this case returning a status 200? Is the TWebClientDataset itself effectively empty? What if you activate this dataset programmatically?

Yes, The server is returning 200 with blank json . We are not returning any json data from server as no data found in db table.
So, in this case, as I checked the TWebClientDataset remains inactive but the grid still shows 4 blank rows.
I tried with activate the TWebClientDataset but still same issue

I retested this here with the demo Demo\Basics\DBGrid adding a button with the code:

webclientconnection1.URI := '';

and this empties the grid