how to check a TIWAdvWebGrid CheckoBox?

how can i check if a specific CheckBox cell is checked?

i know how to check it when i click it, but how can i check it programmatically please?
is there a way to do something like :
If TIWAdvWebGrid.Cells[x,y].Checked Then...?



You can use RowSelect(RowIndex), which returns a boolean value, to know if a row with a column of type ctCheckBox is checked or not.

i know about RowSelect, and i use it in 2 of my grids, but what about grids that have more then 1 CheckBox in them?
how can i know if the first CheckoBox is checked and the second is not checked?


i mean more then one CheckoBox in the same row.

Unfortunately it's currently not supported to have multiple columns of type ctCheckBox as

this type was designed to be used for row selection.

You can try using a ctDynCheckBox column type instead. Values can be get or set using DynEdits[Col, Row].

oh ok, that's great.