How to chain a webpage to another

Comm is just textdata

  WebHTTPRequest1.URL:=' STAGE1='+Comm;

Here I want the browser to listen for new page!
Anyone how to do that?

// Bosse
Hi Bosse 
Please Look at the demo in ....\TMS WEB Core Demos\Basics\Multiform

Thanks for the tip!

This is not at all what I want to do!

I have a form / page in the browser and I want the call to make the
browser to completley change the page to another page sent from
the server.  The reason is that the pages is dynamically formed
depending on who is calling and for what reason...

Code at present...

    this.WebLoginPanel1Login = function (Sender) {
      this.WebMemo1.FLines.Add("Kontaktar  SERVER:n");
      $mod.Comm = this.WebLoginPanel1.GetUser() + "£" + $impl.Hash(this.WebLoginPanel1.GetPassword());
 this.WebHttpRequest1.FURL = " Z=51360 STAGE1=" + $mod.Comm;
      window.location.href='Login2.htm'    <--- this one I have forced in here, and I don't like it..
Any better way to solve the problem???