How to avoid 'Errors' in the IDE

When using the fluent interface, the Delphi IDE always gives me lots of 'errors', which are not really errors, because they compile just fine.
Is there any way to avoid this?
For instance:

'Tobject' does not contain a member named 'SetProjections' at line 94 (94:6)
Undeclared identifier 'UniqueValue' at line 95 (95:6)

when writing this code:


At what point you get those errors, since you say it compiles just fine.

Nevertheless, it seems more a Delphi-related problem, not Aurelius?

As I stated, it's not a problem of real errors, it's just something I only have with Aurelius in Delphi.
The problem is that I sometimes have more than 100 of those 'errors', which a not errors at all.
I was hoping that including some unit or using some kind of cast would resolve this problem.

You mean the error insight, I guess (the red lines indicators). It's been a while that people has been complained about those indeed, I guess the fluent interface might just confuse Delphi somehow.

Yes, that's what I mean. So I guess there is nothing I can do to get rid of it?

Not that I'm aware of.