how to assert UNIQUE value in non-key column in DM

I have been trying to discover how I can, in Data Modeler, assert that a non-key column is UNIQUE, so it can be referenced by a foreign key constraint. So far, I have not found a solution which results in a script acceptable to FireBird 2.5.


you need to create an index for the unique column(s) and set the index as exclusive (unique).

Thanks. I did that, but it still complains in the script, when trying to set the foreign key. I can send a project file, if you wish. I am trying to run the script in FlameRobin, where I get better feedback than in Delphi.

Send me the project file and then script then, I will take a look.

I sent a ZIP file, but did not include the script, as it is simply the one generated by DM.