How to access Rest server from mobile

How can I configure any of the example localhost Rest servers to access them from a mobile device not on the local network?

Everything is just network configuration. Once you have a server running in any computer (local network or internet):

  1. Make sure the computer firewall has the proper TCP ports allowed to receive incoming connections.
  2. Make sure the cloud firewall (if you are using a cloud service) has the proper TCP ports allowed to receive incoming connections.
  3. Make sure the computer is reachable either via IP or domain name.

Among other restrictions/configurations your specific network might need. The above are the usual ones, and once solved, you can reach your server from anywhere that the requirements above are met.

I was hoping that was all there was to it.
I have only ever created Desktop and LAN Database applications, so my networking knowledge is rudimentary at best. Can you point me to information to actually accomplish points 1 and 3? What ports? What IP do I use? I have purchased your Intro to TMS Web Core course and intend to take it but want to put this last piece of the puzzle together for myself. If there is a specific video in the course, could you direct me to it?

For item 1: Configure a firewall for report server access - SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Learn

For item 3, it's just a matter of knowing the IP address of the target computer.

The port you should use is the one you defined in your server base URL.