How i close WEBCopy's dialog window ?


I use TWEBCopy for ftp transfer.
Allways ok, but my current version of WEBCopy don't close myself.
The WEBCopy done your work, but the dialog window stay.
Stay until i use Application.MessageBox. This close the WEBCopy dialog window.

In TMS CP WEBCopy work perfectly.

Thanks in advance.

Windows 7, Delphi XE, TMS CP (WEBCopy

We're not aware of an issue with this.

Does it change when you switch between active or passive FTP?
Is this also happening when you use a HTTP download?

Did not change by switch active/passive.
Did not change by switch upload/download.
The HTTP download don't try yet.

Try a simple sample,
- set the webcopy items for upload
- set a button for start the webcopy
- set a breakpoint in buttonClick after webcopy.Execute
The dialog stay in screen until the buttonClick end.

Was retested here with the latest version v2.4.1.0 and the code

 wi: TWebCopyItem;
  wi := webcopy1.Items.Add;
  wi.TargetDir := 'c:\temp';

and this is working as expected.
Are you using the latest version

That i wrote, i use 


I tried only by FTP settings.
I will try the HTTP sample at next day.

I'd suggest to use the latest version v6.7.2.0 of TMS Component Pack.
We can't see an issue in HTTP & FTP with this latest version.

I tried the built in Samples\WebCopy\Webcdem.
The problem is same.
After the webcopy1.Execute;
i put a new line:
and set a breakpoint to the new line.

The webcopy's dialog don't close, while pause.
Only close when the button1Click procedure end.

The don't use TMS CP yet.
After i will test this, i return with result.

Please test this with the latest version, as I already mentioned, we cannot reproduce a problem with the latest version.

In TMS CP the problem exists.

Please set a breakpoint after line of the WEBCopy.Execute,
The webcopy's screen don't close, until ..... ?
If i use WEBCopy.ThreadExecAndWait instead of WEBCopy.Execute, all OK.

We have traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.