How get "printer type"

Good afternoon,
excuse me if this is not a "direct" TMS question ... but could be useful for other people.

With the following function

    if Escape(Printer.Handle,
                Nil) > 0 then

we can know if the printer can suuprt PASSTHROUGH/ESC sequence.
This is important when the printer is a receipt printer.
What happend is not clear. In fact all the printers (meaning all my 4 installed printer as HP officejet 9010, Brother HL-2370DN, EPSON WF-2828 and EPSON TM-30) and virtual printer as PDF24 return PASSTHROUGHOK:=True; In this case only epson tm-30 print the data in a correct way, all the others print a blank page or a not ordered characters on the page.
In the other side, if PASSTHROUGHOK=False the only printer that does not print is epson tm-30 but all the others print in a rigth way.
Due the fact that all of them return PASSTHROUGHOK=True there's a way to understan which of them can use or not the esc/pos sequence?

Exucuse me for this question not stictly related to TMS products.

Thank you for the attention