How do I retrieved a redirected url

At the moment I am using GetQueryParam to fetch the params in the url. But, when the urls is rewritten by htaccess, GetQueryParam still returns the original params. How can I retrieve the new params ?

The topic seems to be more precious than Gold, on the web. I cant even find any sample javascript code to do it.

Technically, I cannot see how this could be possible.

In that case, is it possible to pass params to javascript function rtl somehow ? I am thinking that I could have separate html pages that run the same rtl but with different parameters.

Or can I retrieve the value of a javascript variable (declared on the outside of rtl)

I'm not sure what you try to do and how a JavaScript variable relates to this.
If you somehow want to pass information from one place to another place within the same domain, you might consider using local storage for this.

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