How can TMSFMXLiveGrid slipping through finger?

I use TMSFMXLiveGrid in my project.And I complie it to android.When I use my finger to slip TMSFMXLiveGrid'records,records can't moving.
I want to know.How can TMSFMXLiveGrid'records slipping through finger?Thank you.
Hi, you can enable this by setting 
  TMSFMXLiveGrid1.Options.Mouse.TouchScrolling := True;

I do this,but it dosen't work.

Please note that touch-scrolling only works with single cell, row or column selection mode.

Hi , I have enabled touch scrolling and am running it on Android with 4 columns and 35 records via live bindings to a fdmemtable but the responsiveness is slow an barely usable. Is there any options that can be used to help performance ?

On Android, the FMX framework is generally slower than on Windows, macOS and iOS. There is unfortunately no additional setting to speed up performance. We have a different grid available in the TMS FNC UI Pack which has been redesigned to have a better performance on Android.

Thank you, I will check it out else will try a tableview.