How can I download the nuget package for a version older than the current

We have 2 developers with licensed copies of Flexcel Studio for .NET. My colleague is the main developer on an app and the latest nuget package he used was 7.8.

I did not download that version when it came out, so I do not have a "local copy". At this point it seems my only option is to download 7.15. However at this time I do not wish to upgrade the project to this version. So I need to somehow get hold of the 7.8 files. He is on holiday, and I don't think I should just get his files. I was hoping just to be able to get the files myself as I have a fully valid license.

Any advice greatfully accepted.

Please email me to with your license details and I'll send you a copy of 7.8.

But also, note that while I understand the concerns of upgrading to an untested version, upgrading FlexCel is very safe. We have a huge regression suite of tests collected over 20 years, and if any of the tens of thousands of reference files that worked in 7.8 didn't work in 7.15, we won't release 7.15. So while nothing in life is 100% certain, you can be quite sure that upgrading FlexCel won't break stuff. And it might fix some bugs.



As always thanks for the swift and comprehensive support