How can I associate extra data with a FMXGrid Row?

I'd like to associate a data pointer with a row, preferably stored in binary.  Adding a hidden column 0 is one option I'm considering.  Is there anything for rows like the Tag or ID fields in a column, or a row structure counterpart for the grid->Columns array?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You can use TMSFMXGrid.Objects[col,row]: TObject to associate any data with a cell, so to have this on a row basis, you could for example use column 0 to store this additional info with.

Thanks Bruno.  I was just reading about that in the FMX Developer's Guide.  If I hide a row, how does that affect the Objects array row index?

The FMX grid guide doesn't say much about hiding rows or columns but I discovered that at least some of what's in the VCL grid guide also applies to FMX grids.

When  you hide a row, you get a situation where the index of the displayed row is different from the real row and vice versa. The grid provides functions : grid.RealToDisplRow and grid.DisplToRealRow to do the conversion from real row index to display row index and vice versa.

Thanks Bruno.  I'm continually impressed with the capabilities of FMXgrid.  I just wish it was easier to learn about them.  I didn't see these functions in either the FMX or VCL developers guide.  I really appreciate the quick answers I get here.

The work on manuals, demos is a never-ending & always ongoing process. We'll take these items in account when doing the next round of revisions on the manual.