HotmailRowSelect and GridCheckBoxCanToggle event


When using HotmailRowSelect, I am looking for a way to force the grid to always have at least one row selected (checked).

I tried using the GridCheckBoxCanToggle and setting the Allow variable to False but it doesn't work.
Setting Allow to either True or False doesn't change anything.
Is this intended for HotmailRowSelect or is this something that can be fixed?

If this is working as intended, do you have any suggestion how I could make this work?

Thanks for your time!

The purpose of the HotmailRowSelect function was actually to also allow that no rows are selected, which isn't possible with simple goRowSelect = true in grid.Options.

But regardless, we have made a change that will allow that the OnCheckBoxCanToggle() can be used to intercept such checkbox clicks and the next update will have this change.