Hosting multiple forms in other controls

I was wondering, is it possible to host, let's say two forms in two panels side by side?

Yes that should be possible.

When I try to do following, only AfterCreate2 is being called, the form doesn't show show up. Form2 doesn't show up either and AfterCreate1 is not called at all.

Form2 creates fine and AfterCreate1 is called when I comment out
//Form3 := TForm3.CreateNew...
Form3 creates fine and AfterCreate2 is called when I comment out
//Form2 := TForm2.CreateNew...

  Form1: TForm1;
  Form2: TForm2;
  Form3: TForm3;

procedure TForm1.WebButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
  procedure AfterCreate1(AForm: TObject);
    if (Assigned(Form2)) and (Form2 is TForm2) then
  procedure AfterCreate2(AForm: TObject);
    if (Assigned(Form3)) and (Form3 is TForm3) then
  Form2 := TForm2.CreateNew(WebPanel1.ElementID, @AfterCreate1);
  Form3 := TForm3.CreateNew(WebPanel2.ElementID, @AfterCreate2);

I disabled automatic creation of Form2 and Form3 in Project file.

is it possible to show them as windows,  that is as popup Dialog?

Not if I do this:
  Form2 := TForm2.CreateNew(@AfterCreate1);
  Form3 := TForm3.CreateNew(@AfterCreate2);
  Form2.Popup := true;

I get only white page (probably some part of the popup, it disappears when I click in the address bar, but no components that I actually put on the popup form).

If I don't load Form3 in the variable then it works fine.
  Form2 := TForm2.CreateNew(@AfterCreate1);
  Form2.Popup := true;

Interestingly enough, it works if you don't create the two forms one after another but rather space it out in time. I think it is still an issue though.

We have applied an improvement for this. We'll release an update with this improvement asap.

Hi, just a quick question, what is the fix for this issue?

Please install the latest version where this issue was addressed.