Highest rating of the WebRatingPanel component can not be selected when "Hover" and "ValueHint" properties are True

Web Core Version

the last/highest "star" rating can not be selected when the event OnValueHint is trigged to show a message/hint AND Hover AND ValueHint properties is TRUE;

the othes "stars" rating, except for the last "star", can be selected, it is ok.

It is very trivial to reproduce it.

Use the example of web core at directory:
.....\TMS WEB Core\Demos\Basics\Rating

To WebRatingPanel1 component, just create and fill the event below.

Procedure TForm4.WebRatingPanel1ValueHint(Sender: TObject; AValue: Single;
var AHint: string);
AHint := 'My Score is '+ Trunc(AValue).ToString;
If Trunc(Avalue) = WebSpinEdit1.Value
then AHint := 'Sorry, this score can not be selected';

B) Turn On "Hover" and "Value Hint" when runinng at the browser.

Thanks for reporting.
We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.