hide constructors en destructor methods


I have made a component in Delphi which should be used within a script.
From within script I want to hide some properties, methods and events.
For example I don't want the user to create instance of my component.
I just want him to use the instance that I create in Delphi and added to scripter with Scripter.AddObject().

I started the import tool and selected the file where my component exists.
In the restrictions tab I unchecked Create and Destroy.
But in scripter they are still there.

Is there something like the RemoveProperty procedure which removes unwanted properties?

Or any other solution?


Have a nice day...


You can search for a method (or class method) in the class, and then destroy it. For example:


Thank you very much for this quick response.

I will try it and let you know.

I am really happy with Scripter.

Thanx again
Hi Wagner,

not working => Scripter.ClassByName('TNebulaStb').ClassMethodByName('Create').Free; 

this works =>  Scripter.Classes.ClassByName('TNebulaRcu').ClassMethodByName('Create').Free;

I don't know the difference.


Great Product!!!

Hi Wagner,

Both calls do the same.
They work both.
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