Hidden Rows Problem

 Having a problem with counting the number of rows displayed
when using a filter.   I have a database of members who are displayed
in an AdvStringGrid.  The number of
members in my case is given by:

                grid->RowCount ? 1 = 478i   ? which is the number of members

Now I filter out the active members to show only the 47 inactive members.

                Grid->RowCount-1 still = 478.   This doesn?t help the user

I found a function (I?m a C++ guy) named NumHiddenRows().  So I figured that

                Grid->RowCount ? 1 ? grid->NumHiddenRows()  should = the number of inactive users.

Wrong, NumHiddenRows() returns Zero. 

What am I not understanding?

Can it be that grid.FilterType = ftSuppress?

Yes, it is.  I didn't set it that way.  Actually, I've never set the filtertype .. just used the default.

BTW, filtering seems to be slower than it used to be. 

Grid.FilterType is by default ftHide. It cannot be that it is ftSuppress when you would not have set it this way. Nowhere in our code, this is set to ftSuppress. 

Try to set it to ftHide.

I see, changing filtertype to ftHide gives me the correct result

              grid->RowCount-1 now gives me the correct result of 47. 
              grid->NumHiddenRows() now gives me the number of hidden rows.  Cool

I was trying to figure out what broke my program.  Got it.  Thanks