Hidden Columns & Row Swap


a strange issue occured when using hidden columns and row swapping.
Two Buttons (up and down) are used to swap rows in the grid.
When the last column is hidden, the value of the hidden cell in the hidden row doesn't change.
If the last column isn't hidden, everything works.

I am using TDBAdvGrid Version

Is there anything I am missing?

Reduced example code:


 // Change ID values in hidden rows
TempID := StrToInt(dbga_Anzeige.Cells[11, dbga_Anzeige.Row-1]);
dbga_Anzeige.Cells[11, dbga_Anzeige.Row-1] := dbga_Anzeige.Cells[11, dbga_Anzeige.Row];
dbga_Anzeige.Cells[11, dbga_Anzeige.Row] := IntToStr(TempID);

dbga_Anzeige.SelectRows(dbga_Anzeige.Row -1,1);

Thanks in advance.


I have tested this here but could not really see an issue. You mention "value in the hidden row doesn't change" but further, you only speak about hiding columns?

If a problem persists, please provide some sample source app  + detailed steps with which we can reproduce this problem here.