Header hint duration


in the TPlanner component, I am displaying a header hint using the OnHeaderHint Event. The hint disappears after ca. 1s. Is there any way to set a longer hint duration?

Thanks for your help.

This uses the global application level settings:

Increase this value.

Well, increasing Application.HintPause increases the time elapsing until the hint appears. What I need to do is increasing the time elapsing until the hint disappears once it's visible. Increasing Application.HintHidePause has no effect. In fact, the default value for this is 2500ms. But the header hint disappears much earlier, so I don't think this value is taken into account here. Or is there some trick that I'm not aware of?

Are you moving the mouse? Perhaps you're moving the mouse to an area where there is no hint?

No, the mouse stays in place.