GUI Update reque(s)

  1. Add the ability to scroll left and right, Hold the CTRL key and roll the middle mouse button.

  2. Add pan capability by using middle mouse button depress + drag, icon should turn into a hand at this point.

  3. Rearrange object movement keys to behave more as speed increments, at the moment if you hold the control key and use the arrows you can move the object. I believe a better solution may be to be able to immediately use the arrow keys to nudge the objects. And if the control key is depressed the nudge would increase the move increments.

  4. Select object and provide a right click menu to align or distribute objects.

  5. Add a split connection node that could be used to split connections between pages, this would provide some nice formatting to the printed output >> basically if the diagram will extend over multiple pages a symbol could be used on each page showing where the connector is to meet. This would be really helpful IF......

  6. Added TABs to the interface >> the symbol previously mentioned would be used on each TAB depicting where the connection line meets