GridScript availability

I'm trying to get AdvGrid sample 33 working. The TGridScript component is missing.

I found this:

What's the simplest way to get this installed -  should it be part of Scripter Studio or AdvGrid?



You need to have both TMS Scripter Studio and TAdvStringGrid to be able to run this demo and you need to install the component TGridScript in the IDE by adding the source file into a new package and install this package in the IDE. Then it will be on the tool palette and you'll be able to open & run the demo.

Thanks. Still having issues. After removing the declaration of GridScript1 and adding a component to the form, it compiles and runs.  As soon as I click on "execute" I get an error :

asg33_berlin  - Unknown identifier or variable is not declared: 'Grid1'. Source position: 8,9.

So, still something strange going on.

Example 33 needs a lot of little tweaks to make it "Berlin ready" - I appear to be missing something crucial.


Belay that last... I just did a debug run - the form is missing the component (hence having to delete the declaration and add the TGridScript).  I just noticed I ALSO have to assign a grid to the actual component. 


I'm having another issue since the latest (Late October) updates.

I get "The procedure entry point @Advgrid@TAdvStringGrid@FindFirst$qqr20System@UnicodeString51System@%Set$23Advgrid@TFindParameterst1$i0$t1$i15$% could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\18.0\Bpl\gridScripter.bpl"

Is there some change that should be made to the TGridScript files that I'm missing?



If you installed an update of the grid (either standalone grid or grid that comes with TMS Component Pack / TMS Grid Pack) you'll need to recompile the GridScript package.

Of course I will.

(sigh - I blame the "sugar coma" after halloween.)

BTW, GridScript.pas is missing "atPascal, " in the interface uses...



Indeed, please add atPascal to the uses clause. We will update it in official distro, as well the asg33 demo files.