GridPDFIO ignoring encapsulated AdvSG


I use your AdvStringGrid and export it to pdf with AdvGridPDFIO. The cells contain text, bitmaps and other AdvStringGrids inside the cells of the parent AdvStringGrid. The text and bitmaps are exported as expected, but the encapsulated AdvStringGrids are completely ignored in the export.
Is there an option to activate that or is the AdvGridPDFIO not able to do that?
If latter: will it be in the near future ?

What would be a workaround?

Sorry, at this moment, grids embedded in grid cells are not yet supported in TAdvGridPDFIO to also export this to PDF. 
We'll consider this for future extensions of TAdvGridPDFIO.

This is very disappointing. I hope you consider implementing this feature rather sooner than later.

The only workaround I can think of is making a screenshot of the encapsulated grid and than adding it as bitmap into the cell of the outer grid. But it has the huge disadvantage of the difficulty at page break.

Is it possible to tell AdvGridPDFIO to export only e.g. rows 0 to 4, then switching the grid to the inner grid and continue exporting to the same pdf and then switching again to the outer grid and then exporting the remaining rows e.g. 5 to 10...all to one pdf file?
Or any other option?

This is the first time we receive such request and it is a far from trivial feature.

There is at this time not a built-in capability to stop the rendering to PDF of the grid at some row and insert something else.
We'll discuss this here internally, check the feasibility and scope of such extension and we'll consider this for future developments.

I understand, thank you for considering.

If you would support the "table" html tag inside cells, that would also help.

We'll take both under consideration.