Gridfilters (GridExcelBridge) for Delphi 12

Hello, after installing Delphi 12 i have the problem that the TMS VCLGridExcelBridge is only available for the Delphi version 11. I tried to install the TMS VCL GridExcelBridge V 11 but this do not fix the problem. When will the version of TMS VCL GridExcelBridge be available for running with Dephi 12 or is there another possibility fixing the problem? After compiling a project with Dephi 12 the error message is: Cannot find UAdvGridExcelExport, UAdvGridExcelImport


The setup.exe bridges for Delphi 12 will be released next week. But if you want to use it today, you can do it with our new smart setup. (which is in beta, but only the installer is in beta: the products it installs are the production versions). If they install without errors they are fine. And honestly, smart setup has been in testing for over a year, so despite the beta status, it is quite solid. You can find more info here: TMS Software | Blog

The steps to install the bridges with smart setup are:

  1. Uninstall FlexCel and TMS VCL UI Pack from windows add/remove programs.

  2. Get Smart setup from here: (see TMS Smart Setup available )

  3. Unzip the zip in the folder where you want to install the products. Then open a command line and

4 type tms credentials. Enter your email and registration code.

  1. type "tms install tms.vcl.excel.bridge"

that's it. This will install FlexCel, the VCL UI Pack and the bridges. To get new versions, it is just typing "tms update" and it will take care of updating all the components to the latest versions. For a product like the bridges which depend in FlexCel and UI pack, smart setup makes it much simpler to use.

The setups have also been released now