Grid: show image and set image layout


I want to show images (with texts under the image) in grid cells. now I can cast it in OnGetCellClass by using CellClassType := TTMSFNCBitmapGridCell; and then in OnGetCellProperties I want to do something like applying the bitmap data and adjusting the image layout etc.

As I used TMSFMXGrid, I could do such things in following codes:
TTMSFMXBitmapGridCell(Cell).Bitmap.Align := TAlignLayout.Top;
TTMSFMXBitmapGridCell(Cell).Bitmap.Height := SomeHeight;
TTMSFMXBitmapGridCell(Cell).Bitmap.Bitmap := SomeBitmapData;
Could you give some advices, how I can do the same thing with TMSFNCGrid? Thx a lot!


In the TTMSFNCGrid, this is no longer possible. In FNC we have chosen for performance instead of styleability to increase the performance dramatically, therefore the concept of elements within elements is no longer available there, even if the control is used in FMX. The Bitmap is always left-aligned. We will investigate if we can add properties to control the position, but please note that you will not be able to get the same result as you would with the TTMSFMXGrid.


We have meanwhile added a ControlPosition property that will be available in the next release.