Grid: scrolling on android tablet

I tried with TMSFNCGrid on ipad and android tablet (just a new empty project to test the performance), the scrolling behavior seems much better than TMXFMXGrid, but on android tablet the scrolling is always not that smooth as on ipad, especially when I use a very fast up/down gesture, the grid item will not "move" but rather suddenly "jump" to the position. Are there any settings that I can change to improve that? (I tried to set TouchScrollingSensitivity with different values, but that didnt help for this case.) Thx a lot.

We have added a ScrollingDelay Constant inside the FMX.TMSFNCCustomGrid.pas source code. For Android, this is set to 40. You can try to increase / decrease this constant and see if the scrolling speed increases. Please note though that Android is still the slowest environment in FireMonkey.