Grid: RowText

Hi there...

noted that RowText is delivering weird results. First column is not separated from 2nd col and delimiter is changing between comma and semicolon. Settings in Option.IO has no effect on RowText.

Try the following in the FormCreate event of the Editing Demo:

rt: string;

Result :
RowText[0] = '0ComboBox,Edit,TrackBar,DatePicker,ColorPicker,SpinBox,Password'
RowText[1] =  '1Alfa Romeo;156

Thanks for reporting. We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.

Thanks ;)

...but need to correct myself in one point. The delimiter is fixed to comma and is neither changing nor can it be changed to semicolon or another delimiter. Result was a bit irritating to me as cell text contained some semicolons...
However it would be a good idea to set result of RowText according to settings made in Options.IO .

We'll update it to take grid.Options.IO.Delimiter in account.


is it possible to extend the functionality of Rowtext to include a SetRowtext procedure?

We have added this possibility, the import function will rely on Options.IO.Delimiter and the IOOffset in order to set the column from which to start inserting. The next version will have this included.

Pieter Scheldeman2016-05-10 16:44:30