Grid column edEdtBtn width

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the help you'll give me.

In one of my grid "TDBAdvGrid", I want a column to use an Editor set to "edEdtBtn". I want the width of this button to be a bit longer than the default size, so I use the "ButtonWidth" property (set to 50 or 75 or 150) of this column. But the column stays a the same size. "ButtonCaption" property of this column is set to "...".

Is there anything that I do wrong ?


What do you mean that "the  column stays the same"?

The column width will not be affected by an inplace editor button width.
From where exactly do you set this ButtonWidth?

Hi Bruno,

I set the "ButtonWidth" property of my column in my grid. I set the "ButtonCaption" to display the text "...", but I want the button width to be longer than the default size in my grid column.
When I change the "ButtonWidth" the button in my grid column is not the width I set to.

We have further investigated this and we've been able to reproduce a shortcoming.
We can confirm this will be addressed with the next  update.