grid.addbutton and OnDblClickCell


I've problem with using cell-buttons and onDblClickCell.

When there is placed a button in a cell (with grid.AddButton()) it seems that "onDblClickCell"
isn't fired any more.
Can you confirme this or do I have to set a special grid property?

Cheers, Frank

Did you set grid.ControlLook.NoDisabledButtonLook = true
as otherwise, by design, buttons in a readonly cell will not trigger the OnButtonClick event.


yes, my code ist like this

gridPrograms.ControlLook.NoDisabledButtonLook := TRUE;


onBtnClick, onDblClick and onAnchorClick is assigned.

If I comment out the statement

gridPrograms.Addbutton( ...)

onDblClick works. With this statement onDblClick is omitted. :(


Hello again!

As a test, use your demo AdvStringGrid -> asg4 -> asgdemo.

For AdvStringGrid2 (on tab "Graphics") assign onDblClickCell.

Then test cells: all cells without a button recieve the dblClick-Event.
Cell 6/2 with Button "push me" gets no dblClick-Event.

Cheers, Frank

Thanks for reporting. We have traced & solved this issue. Next update will address it.

Thank you very much, Bruno & team!