GoogleChart on Intranet

First of all: Thank you very much Holger for your excellent video demo on XData and charts.

Is it possible to use web core with GoogleChart on a company Intranet with no connection to Internet ?

If it is, what do I need to download and store on my server?

If I use it on a Intranet with open Internet connection how much data is collected by Google in that case?

BR Ake

This is not possible.

Can I download and host the chart code locally, or on an intranet?
Sorry; our terms of service do not allow you to download and save or host the google.charts.load or google.visualization code. However, if you don't need the interactivity of Google Charts, you can screenshot the charts and use them as you wish.


Ok , No Google inside on a Intranet.

Can I use TMCFNCCharts and other TMS components inside a Intranet without violate any licences ?

Is is also possible to use Bootstrap 4  if I install it on the server without violate any licences ?

How is it with  JQuery is it needed for Bootstrap if I don't use it on grids? (version 5 should be independent of JQuery when it comes)

Our FNC components, any TMS WEB Core control not relying on Google libs (Google Charts, Google Maps..) , bootstrap, ... can all be used on an intranet.

When licensed jQWidgets jQuery components can be used on an intranet as well.