Google Picasa Sample error on Android.

TMSFMXCloudPicasa latest version using Delphi 10.2.1. When hit connect button on Nexus 9 Android SDK Picasa Sample displays error - JAVA CLASS JCustomTabIntent_Builder could not be found. This used to work as used in some of my apps. This is my first test with Tokyo update 1. 


Due to changes in the Google API it is now required to perform authentication in an external browser window. Please follow instructions in the PDF manual under the topic "Enable external browser support for Google services".


I added the two jar files to the library and disabled the other file per instructions for both my app and the sample, and I still get the same error with the new apk. Previous apps deleted on Android device.

By the way, my app uses the flickr api component and the browser pops up and allows me to sign on and retrieve files from flickr.