Google Photos API and Picasa deprecation


Due to the imminent deprecation of the Picasa API (, we are looking to switch over to Google Photos APIs. On the product page of the VCL cloud pack, it is mentioned that it supports Google Photos, however going through the documentation of v3.9.0.0 and the source code, I find no reference to Google Photos or the APIs documented on or
Did I miss something or is support for the Photos APIs not yet implemented? If not implemented, are you planning support for these APIs and if so, on what timeframe could we expect support for Google Photos?

Thank you for your reply,

Roald van Doorn


Unfortunately the Google Photos API is not yet supported in TMS VCL Cloud Pack.
The reason why Google Photos is already listed is because the data between Google Photos and Picasa is shared.

Support for the Google Photos API is planned, though I am unable to provide a timeframe for now.

Please note that Google Photos API is now supported in the latest release of TMS VCL Cloud Pack.