Google Maps Api and Directions with Toll Fees for Trucks

Hi TMS Team, we need to use the api described here:

Is this already possible or not?


Unfortunately this Google API is not yet supported in TMS FNC Maps.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding support in a future version.

Alternatively Toll Cost calculation is already available for the Here and PTVxServer services in the TTMSFNCTollCost component included in TMS FNC Maps.

Hi Bart, thanks for considering for future support. Would be great to have something in near future.

Any news here?


After investigating the Google Routes API we decided to not add support for the toll fees feature at this time. The reason being that it has two important limitations not present in the equivalent APIs from other services already available in TMS FNC Maps.

  • Toll cost only provided for cars, not for trucks
  • Toll locations in Europe not available

We are monitoring the Google Routes API and will re-consider adding this feature if the mentioned limitations would get addressed in the future.

Ok, so we need to investigate in TTMSFNCTollCost to see how we can use it.

It is indeed recommended to try using the TTMSFNCTollCost component.

Instructions on getting API keys for Here and/or PTVxServer can be found here:

There is also a demo application available in the Demos folder of TMS FNC Cloud Pack that demonstrates the usage.

Documentation on TTMSFNCTollCost is available here:

Is it correct, that the HERE Service does not return Toll Costs for Germany?
Can you provide a list of countries where we can rely on tollcosts with your component?

  • The HERE service does support toll costs for Germany. However we noticed there is a synchronization issue between the TTMSFNCTollCost component and the HERE Service, due to changes in the API. The issue causes it to not return any truck toll costs for Germany specifically.
    We have been able to trace this issue and are currently working on a fix.

  • Please note that there are no country restrictions in the TTMSFNCTollCost component. If the service that is used provides data for a specific country with the specified vehicle settings, it will be available in the component.
    Unfortunately, as far as I know, both the HERE and the PTV service currently do not have a public list available for the supported countries/regions specifically for their Toll Cost APIs.

Hi Bart, at the moment your component can return the costs. What about the toll kilometers (toll only) per country? Is this ever possible?


The Here service only returns the toll cost for a specific route. Unfortunately the toll kilometers are not included, only the total distance of the route.

Is there any component from TMS available which can be used for calculating the toll kilometers?

There is currently no component available that provides toll kilometers.
We are not aware of any TMS FNC Maps compatible API services that provide such data at this time.

However this is a good suggestion and we'll investigate if this functionality can be included in a future version.