Google Drive : GetAccountInfo fails with error 404


GetAccountInfo fails with error 404, because of wrong URL and missing parameter.

20230503T155814: Executing request [GET SPACE USAGE] with url: []
20230503T155815: Response code from request [GET SPACE USAGE] is 404

procedure TTMSFNCCustomCloudGoogleDrive.GetAccountInfo;
  { ... }
  Request.Path := FBasePath + '/about';
  // According to
  // should be
  // Request.Path := '/drive/v3/about';
  { ... }
  //  It should also have a "fields" request parameter with value "storageQuota,user".
  Request.Query := 'fields=storageQuota,user';
  { ... }

And of course, TTMSFNCCustomCloudGoogleDrive.DoRequestGetSpaceUsage() must be fixed to read the result appropriately.


Thank you for notifying!

The issue has been resolved and the update will be available with the next TMS FNC Cloud Pack release.