Google Drive and WebContentLink


is it possible, that WebContentLink doesn't work anymore in Google Drive.
I use the v3.0.2.2 from December 18, 2023.
Currently the WebContentLink information is empty.


I have not been able to reproduce this issue.
Does it happen with any kind of file or only with specific files?

It does happen with any kind of file. I tried it in my app and after that, I used your CloudStorageserviceDemo and added the following lines to get the information.
lblStatus1 is a label to see the result.

procedure TForm1.TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1Click(Sender: TObject);
  it: TTMSFNCCloudItem;
  if TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1.ItemIndex < 0 then

  it := TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1.Items[TMSFNCCloudDemoListBox1.ItemIndex].DataObject as TTMSFNCCloudItem;

  if TMSFNCCloudStorageServices1.Service = cssMicrosoftOneDrive then
    TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDrive(TMSFNCCloudStorageServices1.Storage).OnGetShare := GetShare;
    TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDrive(TMSFNCCloudStorageServices1.Storage).GetShare(it as TTMSFNCCloudMicrosoftOneDriveItem

  if TMSFNCCloudStorageServices1.Service = cssGoogleDrive then
    lblStatus1.Text := (it as TTMSFNCCloudGoogleDriveItem).WebContentLink;

OneDrive works correctly, Google Drive shows nothing, because the WebContentLink is empty.

Stop, it doesn't happen with any kind of file. Some files I get the information, some files not? Why? What is the difference?

I'm not sure what is causing this. If the WebContentLink is returned in the API request data it will become available. If the WebContentLink is not returned in the API request data this means it is not available or not accessible for the authenticated account.