Google Calendar with time zone

Hello TMS,

I'm trying out the TMSFMXCloudGCalendar and It appears that my time zone offset in my calendar changes the time I set in the program for start and end. I live in UTC-5 time zone and when I put the event for 13:20, the google calendar in my phone and on the website has the event registered for 8:20am.

I know that I can check the time zone for every calendar item, but it doesn't do me any good. And I can't assume that all my clients live in the same timezone as I do.

Any ideas on how to handle that ? 
The only thing I come up with is a large list with all possible time zones and their offset and manage it like :

Set event to 13:20
Add 5 hours before sending it to google
Let google apply the -5 hours offset and I will be there at 13:20 again 

But that seems to be quite complicated...


Note that the TMSFMXCloudGCalendar control will automatically adjust the start and end time values of Events that get added to a Google Calendar based on your machine's timezone settings.
Can you make sure your Google Calendar's timezone is set to the same zone as your machine?

We'll have to investigate if this feature can be optionally disabled in a future version.

Both my machine and the google calendar use the -5 timezone (I do live in Colombia afterall). When I ask the component for the calendars timezone it tells me Amercias/Bogota

We are not aware of such an issue in the TMSFMXCloudGCalendar control at this time.
Have you tried to create a new Calendar (with a different or default timezone) to find out what happens when you add events there?

Made a new calendar with the same time zone at first :

Here a screenshot directly after inserting the event :

And in my google calendar :

After changing to German time zone the problem persist with a -5 offset.
I also placed custom time zone with the calendar item before posting it, but nothing.

I have been able to trace and fix this issue.
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS FMX Cloud Pack.

Thanks, I will wait for the update :)

Tried the new version and now it works, thanks!

Good to hear it's working now!

Thank you for notifying.