GMaps/OSMaps - make them true FMX

Are you planning to make the FMX Mapping components true FMX so they will work on Windows or Mac OSX?


The latest updates for both TMS FMX WebGMaps and TMS FMX WebOSMaps include support for Mac OSX.
Unfortunately Windows is currently not supported due to technical limitations of the FireMonkey framework.

Bart Holvoet2013-09-23 03:22:27

That is very disappointing and in some ways the opposite way round to what I would have thought. Can you give some details of the limitations that impose this constraint as I think that will need to be addressed with Embarcadero sooner rather than later.


There's currently no TWebBrowser control available for FireMonkey Windows, which is required for WebGMaps and WebOSMaps.

interesting, so there is one in FMX Mac OSX?

For The WebGMaps / WebOSMaps we wrote our own native iOS and Mac OSX WebBrowser wrapper which exposes some javascript functionality. If you drop a TTMSFMXWebGMaps on the form, you actually have a webbrowser. You can use the navigate functionality and even execute javascript.

In the TMS iCL and TMS mCL packages we have exposed this as a component that allows you to do the same.

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that's good to hear (in some ways - as really Delphi should do that). Thanks

Any chance of an IfDef Windows? :-) that would be nice