Gjalt's 101: TTMSFNCCloudOAuth


I really enjoy the videos. Is there a possibility to download the code for the samples?

Can I use TTMSFNCCloudOAuth for access to Discogs.com? Embarcadero had a sample in the REST demo in the past but it is removed/does not work anymore. Would a sample be possible with TTMSFNCCloudOAuth?

kind regards and a happy and prosperous 2021 to everyone@TMS

If Discogs uses OAuth 2.0, it should work fine to use TTMSFNCCloudOAuth to get access to it.
For the video demo, this is the Slack demo that is included in the TMS FNC Cloud Pack.


As it seems that the API doesn't use any authentication, it is easier to use TTMSFNCCloudBase.

Many thanks - will give it a try. The developer info at https://www.discogs.com/developers says that authorization is needed