Getting TIWPaintBox to work

Placed TIWPaintBox on a form, running, it shows nothing (probably need to place a frame around it) and in any case I could not draw on it - nothing happens.

Is there any trick to that? Can I control the Pen (color/width)? Can I extract the result in BMP/PNG/etc. format in the end?

Ok, I can set Pen properties programmatically. Then on MouseClick I can draw a dot manually as well. But there's no MouseMove event and it does not appear to be drawing anything on its own. So when the Guide says "TTIWPaintBox: paintbox that renders in a browser allowing to draw on a canvas just like in a Win32 application", is this how it's supposed to behave? - I could see no additional documentation at all so far.

Hi Alexander,

That is indeed the intended behavior. It is unfortunately only possible to draw lines on the TTIWPaintBox programmatically. There is no built-in functionality available to follow the user's mouse cursor.